Limiting SSC functionality for clients

By default, in the Firmhouse Self Service Center, users can make changes to the shipping dates
and frequency of the products in their subscription. This is possible even if adding & removing products from the subscription via the SSC is disabled.

The challenge
In certain cases, editing this data is not beneficial to the store or it’s simply not desired. For example:

  • a client has a subscription with 2 products and can change the next shipping date/frequency individually → if the client changes the setting for 1 product only, then 2 shipments will be required to fulfill the entire order, adding on to logistics complexity

The solution
So what can we do when we don’t want to handle such cases?

We can easily hide the edit sections so the client doesn’t have access to them. This can be done by placing the follwoing script in the SelfServiceCenter menu, in the Custom Code > Header section.

    window.addEventListener("turbo:load", function(){